William Hill Bingo – Get £25 for free, you just need to create a free account

In case you didn’t know, William Hill Bingo is one of the most prominent names in the online bingo world, at least in the United Kingdom. This company has been operating High Street shops since the mid 1930’s and since then has expanded to bigger and better operations, including online businesses.

One such online enterprise is the William Hill Bingo site. This where you can go to appreciate all of the high-quality standards they have set and maintained for so long while you also enjoy your favorite bingo games.

There is a wide range of options for games at William Hill Bingo. Not only can you play traditional 75, 80, and 90-ball bingo games, but you can also explore the site to find classic casino-style gaming too.

If you tire of the number calling, you can try your luck at a game of slots — they even have multi-player slots! Number games, sports betting, poker, arcade games, Vegas-exclusive games, skill games, and a live, interactive casino all await you at William Hill Bingo.

William Hill Bingo also offers a few bingo bonus features too. As with most sites, you will get a deposit bonus with your first account deposit. This introductory offer is a professional courtesy that is simple and easy to follow, which makes it easier to appreciate as you investigate everything that this site has to offer.

If your experience is positive, continue to play by depositing more money into your account using Visa, MasterCard or most of the other popular, verified secure online payment methods.

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Bingo Café – Signup and get $20 for free, you dont have to deposit anything

As one of the world’s smaller bingo sites, Bingo Café is still a prominent presence in the industry. Perhaps this is due to their implementation of the Leap Frog 3D software, which allows them to offer their members a unique, 3D environment within which to experience their favorite bingo games.

While their gameplay may be a bit more limited than what other sites might provide, the impressive 3D experience and increased interactivity is certainly worth looking into.

Bingo Café - Signup and get $20 for free, you dont have to deposit anythingBingo Café offers four bingo rooms: the Rhumba Lounge, the Terrace, The Gourmet Lounge, and the Bistro Bar.

Each room features its own set of limitations on betting and play style, etc. For example, while 75-ball bingo games are the only type available you might come across a really cool progressive jackpot worth more than $20,000. On the same day, though, you might also find one of the many video poker, casino table games, or slot machine rooms. In all, then, you will always find something new when you visit this bingo site.

On top of a comprehensive selection of popular game types, Bingo Café also provides you with many attractive bonuses. The first bingo bonus you will notice is one that is immediately available when you first sign, regardless of whether or not you make an initial deposit.

In addition to this introductory bingo bonus, though, you will also find daily, weekly, and monthly promotions as well as deposit matching bonuses. Speaking of deposits, you can use most major credit cards and online payment methods to add funds to your account.

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Betfred Bingo – Get a bingo bonus of £30 (no deposit required!)

The Betfred Bingo Group was established in 1967, which began a long and celebrated history of providing quality online bingo to a newly growing audience. Of their network sites, Betfred Bingo is their premier bingo site, even though they are known for featuring several different kinds of games to attract even the most discerning players.

Among these games you will find 75- and 90-ball bingo (of course) as well as side games, sports book opportunities, casino-style games, poker, mobile games, skill games, and a lottery system.

While this may sound like a lot to take in, the selection is somewhat meager despite the disparity in availability.

While gaming variety is certainly a major draw, Betfred Bingo players may also play here because of the variety of bonuses that they feature. Almost all sites offer some kind of bonus but not every site is the same; so at Betford Bingo you will find an exclusive No Deposit Bingo Bonus (which gives you playable cash without having to deposit anything) as well as up to a 150% on your initial deposit when you do finally open your account. Returning players will continue to enjoy matching bonuses with ever consequent deposit.

Speaking of deposits, putting money into your Betfred Bingo account is very easy. This is because they authorize several of the most popular online payment methods. You can deposit money using Visa, Visa Electron, Solo, Delta, Maestro, MasterCard, Neteller, Money Bookers, Bank Wire, and Direct Transfer. Furthermore, they accept several of the worlds’ most widely circulated currencies.

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Back2School Bingo – Play UK bingo for free, no deposit required

One of the fastest growing competitive UK bingo sites is Back2School Bingo. This might be due to their no nonsense attitude that helps them deliver the goods in a simple but attractive way.

Operated by Digimeda Limited, Back2School Bingo features not just some of the most up-to-date Microgaming online UK bingo mechanics, but also a tight-knit community of players who prefer their simplistic, back-to-basics style.

Back2School Bingo features several different game styles that should provide you with a wide variety of online experience.

Of course, they offer the traditional 90-ball bingo games that many people are most familiar with but you could also participate in more than 20 scratch ticket style games, 25 fruit machines, at least 50 other slot machine-style games, 15 casino table games (including video poker, roulette, and blackjack), and at least 10 mini games.
This multitude of fun is brought to you by the folks at MicroGaming Software who are also responsible for development similarly reliable and experiential programs across the industry.

Along with the games, you will find that Back2School Bingo is safe and secure. This is something that is always important but is sometimes a deciding factor for sensitive players.

Thankfully, they use the VeriSign online security system, which is one of the best for providing virtual authentication of credit cards. Furthermore, this site utilizes some of the most advanced security systems and encryption services you will find anywhere online. Of course, if you ever have a problem or a question you can just contact customer service.

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888 Bingo – High quality bingo games with a big bonus for new players

888 Bingo is an offshoot of the 888.com Holdings network. Overall, this is one of the most well respected online bingo companies in the world.

Their interface is developed and supported by Dragonfish software, which is also associated with as many as 60 other online casino and bingo gaming brands. This means that you can expect the same high quality gambling experience no matter which of their sites you visit, which is certainly what you will likely find at 888 Bingo.

One reason why people may enjoy playing at 888 Bingo could be the variety of games that they feature. Obviously, the majority of their games are 75- and 90-ball bingo.

However, they also offer team bingo, chat games, and other popular casino style games including slot machines, roulette, and scratch card lottery. While cash is a commonly favored prize you can also win household items and gadgets, vacations, cruises, and many other treasures depending on the games that you play, which might further explain the continued popularity of this site.

The main draw for many online bingo and card parlors is the bonuses. When you make a deposit into your 888 Bingo account, for example, you could enjoy one of many ongoing deposit bonuses. Of course, you will receive a bonus when you first sign up but 888 Bingo always develops new promotions on rotation. These give you more chances to win but also entice you to more deeply explore the site for a more well-rounded online gaming experience.

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